About The Designer

Designer Ayhan Yürükçü was born in Germany in the year 1981. He began his educational life in Germany, and continued in Turkey. He studied at different departments of Management Major at Ege University, Dokuz Eylül University and Yıldız Technical University. In addition to his vocational training background, he has received and keeps on receiving a great deal of training related to his hobbies and talents.

He gained experience especially about semi-precious natural stones and precious metals such as silver during his career which he started in the year 2006 in the area of Grand Bazaar, the heart of the Jewellery industry in Turkey; and started to create his original jewellery designs.

Besides having been offering designs from his own collection to elite boutiques in many countries around the world, he creates custom designs for individuals and boutiques as well. Inspired by rich colours, diverse tissues and forms of nature, the designer mainly prefers to process and use natural stones in his jewellery creations, and to decorate them with silver materials; aims to offer the comfort of use along with the elegance in each of his designs.

He keeps on creating his jewellery designs at his office & showroom in the area of Grand Bazaar, under his own business and brand name AYDESIGNS which he established as of March 2017. Besides his office premises where he cater to demand for wholesaling and special collections, he has also started to serve his retail customers through his own website "ayhanyurukcu.com".

The designer has set as his goal to make his handcraft-intensive, ambitious and elegant designs available to elite boutiques and individuals all over the world. With such objective in mind, he deems necessary to work hard in determination, to be developed and to develop, to take inspiration from and to give inspiration to each new day, to believe and to love.